Free Hair Loss Check by Experts

Free Hair Loss Check by Experts

We’ve developed a sophisticated diagnostic system for hair loss. Here at Landmark Hair we appreciate that the correct diagnosis of your hair loss is the basis for our results-driven and successful and permanent treatments. This is why we’ve developed a sophisticated diagnostic system for hair loss and it’s offered for free to you with no obligations.

Our ‘Hair Health and Scalp Check’ combines a diagnostic and consultation session to help identify your hair loss and thinning as well as scalp condition and hair health. There’s also the psychological aspects to consider as well as dermatological examination and the mathematical aspects for having enough available hairs in your donor area.

Each hair loss case is examined individually by Landmark Hair experts before they determine what the appropriate treatment plan will be for you.

Monitor your hair regrowth

Our tools also enables us monitor your hair regrowth with sophisticated imaging. This system lets us see the hair follicle density and if there are any problems with the roots of your hair. While hair grows in cycles, it can be sometimes difficult to spot hair growth if it is particularly slow.

Our diagnostic tool will enable us to show you the reality of your hair growth and whether a product you are using is really working for you.

Here are some hair facts:

There are three different cycles for hair growth – anagen, catagen, and telogen. The anagen, or growth phase, accounts for 90% of the hair on your head and this cycle will last between two and eight years. The transition phase, or catagen, will typically last for between two and three weeks which will see the hair follicle shrink. In the telogen cycle, which lasts for between two and four months, the hair rest. For most of the time the scalp’s hair is growing and only 10% of those strands are in transition or resting. For most people, our hair will grow six inches every year.

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