Why us


Why Choose us?

The first step to a full head of hair is to visit one of our clinics for a no obligation and free consultation with a hair loss expert who will diagnose why you are losing your hair and then offer a programme to restore your hair and stop further hair loss.

Our dedicated team are passionate and service driven, they are always at hand, late evenings and weekends too!

  • We are the only hair loss clinic who offer all hair loss solutions under one roof.
  • We choose the best products, services and doctors in the industry
  • We are the only company to give a money back guarantee
  • We are discreet, hence why we are the ultimate choice for celebrities
  • We are affordable and offer flexible pricing
  • We are nationwide with home consultations available 7 days a week
The day you meet our team for your free consultation,  your problem becomes our problem to solve…

It will be a LANDMARK day.

Contact the Landmark Hair team today to find out why our team of experts are the ones to trust.

London: +44 (0) 203 507 0495
Bristol: +44 (0) 117 321 5805
Brighton: +44 (0) 127 376 9275
Bath: +44 (0) 122 556 2675
Chicester: +44 (0) 124 392 8175
Free Phone: +44 (0) 800 978 8045

One of the only total hair loss solution providers in the UK

Landmark Hair has been helping to resolve hair loss in men and women since 2003. In that time, we have established ourselves as being among the best hair loss solution providers in the UK with a growing list of satisfied clients.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in hair restoration, including hair transplantation surgery, non-surgical hair loss solutions, laser therapy and scalp micro-pigmentation.

Regardless of your level of hair loss, whether it’s total hair loss, all-over thinning or a receding hairline, Landmark Hair can help you.

What’s Our Mission?

For anyone who is thinking about having a hair loss treatments will be reassured to know they are in the capable and sympathetic hands of the experienced Landmark Hair loss clinic team. Using the latest hair regrowth, non-surgical and surgical techniques. We simply give back your hair and stop further hair loss.

Our aim, sourcing, testing and providing services and treatments that really work and our relationship is based on honesty, compassion, loyalty and respect.

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What We Do

We offer free consultations so that you do not feel obliged to take any services with us until you are happy that we can deliver. We can give you an idea of solutions best for you, conduct a hair check and help you understand how simple it is to get back your hair and stop further hair loss.

Our dedicated team are passionate and service driven, they are always at hand, late evenings and weekends too!

Landmark Hair Clinic strive to offer its hair solutions across many locations as possible.

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