What is male hair loss?

Senior man and hair loss issue

Male pattern baldness

The most common form of male hair loss is known as male pattern baldness and it’s a condition that’s caused by a combination of changing hormones and your inherited genes. These genes can be inherited from either your mother or father, so if your father still retains a full head of hair, you may not.

Do you have male pattern baldness?

For those who may question whether they have male pattern baldness, then their hair loss will typically begin as a receding hairline that gradually moves towards the back of their head. This is then followed by a thinning crown.

If male pattern baldness, or Androgenic Alopecia as it is really known, is the problem then there’s a way to measure the hair loss by using the Hamilton-Norwood scale. For those who have this type of hair loss, then the sooner you begin to treat the issue then it will be easier for you to return your head of hair to a full style.

Reasons why you may be losing your hair

It’s important, however, to speak with experts who understand the reasons why you may be losing your hair and a consultation with the Landmark Hair team will diagnose the issues quickly and recommend a course of treatment.

This treatment will be personalised and with a 95% success rate, the Landmark Hair team are the ones to trust. Remember, visiting a hair loss expert as soon as possible is highly recommended for tackling male hair loss problems.

It’s also possible, if you are in the very early stages of losing your hair, that other treatments could be used to optimise hair growth and stem the process of thinning, such as using laser therapy, for example.

Who is affected by male pattern baldness?

It’s important to appreciate that male pattern baldness can affect men of any age and while some may experience a slower process of hair loss, around half of all men will display signs of losing their hair by the age of 50. For those who lose their hair slowly, then this means it is harder to detect until the hair loss has become advanced.

For more help and information about understanding male pattern baldness and what can be done to resolve the situation, then meet with the Landmark Hair team for a free consultation where the diagnosis for resolving your hair loss will be made.

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