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Hair Loss Success Stories - Landmark Hair Loss Clinic
With more than 20 years of experience, we are the only hair loss clinic to offer all hair loss solutions under one roof. We are also the only hair loss company that will offer a money back guarantee with a range of services and treatments that really do work.

Discreet hair loss clinic

Not only do we have a sound peace of mind offering, we are also a discreet hair loss clinic and the ultimate choice for celebrities, captains of industries and sports stars.

However, we are also an affordable and friendly organisation with a range of flexible pricing options.

Landmark Hair only choose the best services and products in the industry and also the best surgeons. Our hair loss offering for men and women is hard to beat.

It’s important to remember that for those struggling with losing their hair that we have years of research and experience to deliver a service that is not only innovative but based on results. Our offering also fits in with your lifestyle.

Free hair loss consultation

The first step is to have a free hair loss consultation with no obligation so our hair experts can determine why you are losing your hair and then offer you the best solution to stop further hair loss and help get your hair back.

The Landmark Hair offering means we are available over weekends and late into the evenings with a passionate and dedicated team offering the best levels of customer service. Our offering is also available at hair loss clinics around the UK so we will be able to offer our hair solutions close to where you live.

Losing hair can be a sensitive subject

We also appreciate that for many people losing their hair that this can be a sensitive subject which is why our relationship with you will be based on compassion and honesty and also loyalty and respect. We have years of providing hair loss services and treatments that work.

Remember, we will be with you every step of the way, whether that’s for hair transplantation, laser hair regrowth or non-surgical hair replacement. We also offer scalp micro-pigmentation.

Take the first step today to a life with a head of hair and speak with our team of hair loss experts at a free consultation to find out what we can do for you.

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